6 Tips For Having a Cool Bar Dog

Cooper is a Cool Bar Dog

If you’re like us, we love to explore new places, parks, patios, and especially breweries and outdoor patios with our pups. Most people think we have cool bar dogs and we like to think so. We’ve been taking them out with us for years, so they are usually on their best behavior when we venture out.

Sometimes, it’s not easy having a well-behaved pup and it takes work. Our dogs aren’t perfect and we’ve had our share of experiences which usually stems from a human that is not informed or someone who does not take the pack leader role seriously.

Here are 6 Tips to help make your next happy hour an enjoyable one with your best beer drinking buddy!

Tips on Having a Cool Bar Dog - Exercise Your Dog Before You Go | Luv the Paw


If they’ve been cooped up all day inside, they’re going to go into sensory overload at a brewery or public patio. Make sure you take them for a walk or run. Or, play with them in the yard and let them run around to get some of that energy out.

Tips on Having a Cool Bar Dog - Bring Treats | Luv the Paw


Some breweries & bars will have dog treats or even a dog menu that you can order from. But you never know until you get there. We recommend bringing a few dog treats with you no matter what. Use them to reward your pup for good behavior. Better yet, bring a chew toy or long-lasting chew to keep them preoccupied.

Tips on Having a Cool Bar Dog - Bring Water | Luv the Paw


A lot of breweries & bars will often have dog bowls with water on the patios. Just in case they don’t, you’ll want to make sure you have water for them whether from a plastic water bottle to drink from or a travel bowl. The sheer excitement will get them needing some water for sure, plus you never know how hot it could get.

Tips on Having a Cool Bar Dog - Have Them Leashed | Luv the Paw


Most breweries & bars will require this any way and it’s usually a 6-foot leash at the most. This is one of the reasons we recommend that you skip the retractable leashes at breweries, bars and restaurants. They don’t always lock in securely, the thin cords they are made of can easily break, and it’s harder to keep your dog in line with this type of leash.

Tips on Having a Cool Bar Dog - Be Observant | Luv the Paw


We all love to go out to meet friends and family. Bringing your dogs with you brings us joy because they are part of our families.  That being said, have fun with the humans, but always be aware of your surroundings.  You never know what could get your dog going – another dog, a group of loud people, food, etc. Make sure they aren’t getting into any food droppings on the floor/patio (might cause tummy issues later). Be on the lookout for other dogs coming or going. They may or may not get your dog excited and you need to be aware of your surroundings if they do. If you do see another dog – check out their behavior. If you see happy wagging tails and you want to approach them, always ask the other owner first to see if it’s okay to introduce your pup to another dog. The dog’s owner will know how their dog interacts with other dogs big or small. After you make the introduction, keep it brief and move on.

Tips on Having a Cool Bar Dog - Bring Poop Bags | Luv the Paw


Everyone knows, sh!t happens, so be respectful and clean up after your dog. No one, especially some one that doesn’t own a dog, wants to have a messy misstep on their evening out. Pack a few in your bag or put one or two in your pocket. Other brewery and bar guests will thank you for it.

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