About Luv The Paw...

Hey there, fellow pet lover! Love your pet? Duh. Need clothes? Most days, yes! At Luv the Paw, we’ve got you covered with cool tees, hoodies, and more that’ll make you and your pet smile. They might not get the joke, but they'll love the vibe.

So who are we?!

We're just a couple of dinkwads living our best lives in Nashville, TN – think dog parks, brewery hops, lake hikes, and all the outdoor shenanigans. We LUV making people laugh almost as much as we love our furry sidekicks, so we started Luv the Paw – your go-to for fun, high-quality pet parent apparel.

Why Luv the Paw?

Because we’re just like you – pet-obsessed dinkwads in desperate need of a beer. We launched this gig in 2020 to bring you awesome gear with hilarious sayings that show off our love for pets and brews.

No Cheesy Designs Here

No cheesy designs here, folks. Our threads are head-turners and total conversation starters that are guaranteed to garner a laugh or two or three.

We're Not Dropshipping Dinkwads

Here's the kicker: we don't dropship our items. We print everything in-house in our home studio. That means every piece is made with extra love and care, ensuring top-notch quality and fast shipping straight to your door. No middlemen, just pure pet-loving goodness.

We're All About Spreading the LUV 

And guess what? Every purchase helps local pet rescues. We're all about spreading the Luv. So, you’re not just looking good – you’re doing good. Win-win! And, – That's Why We Named Our Company Luv the Paw!

Next time you need a new shirt or hoodie, check out Luv the Paw. You'll be the coolest pet parent around, and you’ll be helping furry friends in need. Seriously, it’s a win-win!

Cheers from your friends Kelly & Steve at Luv the Paw!